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Hal Tenny

Hal Tenny Fine Art Prints

Danbury, NC


~ I've been active in the arts all my life. It seemed like a natural progression for me to delve into the digital arts. The pieces you see here are fractals created with the programs Mandelbulb 3D and Apophysis, where mathematical formulas and their variables are manipulated to create an endless variety of intricate designs, shapes and scenery.
~ While I have done and still do 'traditional' fractal pieces at times, for the most part I work around the perimeter and beyond what is easily recognized as fractal art. I haven't invented anything new, I've just expanded the styles I work with beyond what they were intended to be and into new territory.
~ I hope you'll find my work enchanting, a collection of fine art prints that compel you to take more than a casual glance. A wide variety of digital art that will enhance your decor with a unique interpretation of styles in Mandelbulb 3D and Apophysis fractals.

My personal site at haltenny.com


Opposing Angles


City In A Cavern


Wreck Of The Menger


Chaotic Event


2012 Model Time Machine




Twelve-hundred Valve Hemi


Rise of the Machine


Girders Platforms and Cables


Light Towers


Eye Bot


Pressure Cooker


Delusion Confusion


Twice Twisted


Dragon Egg Mountain


Not Suitable For Consumption


mechanical Panic


Power Flower


Spider Ball


Steam Punk Roller Coaster


Steam Punk Power Plant


Enchanted Fantasy Forest


Eye Stalks


Venting Hot Air


Back To The Future